I Love the Impact My Job Allows Me to Have On Others

I have worked in nursing on and off for the last 7 years. I first went back to work regularly when I left my marriage for obvious reasons. And while I had so much to be bitter and angry about in my personal life...I loved waking up and going to work.

When I started working at the hospital in my hometown I was working on a med/surg inpatient floor. I was responsible for taking vital signs 2 times a day, washing and helping patients retain and get back to their previous state of being before they were in my care. I saw patients of many kinds....young and old, transplant recipients, drug overdoses, withdrawal from alcoholism, wounds, trauma, diseases that were out of control and general aging aches and pains that go with advancing in years. Through that I was given the chance to get to know my patients in their most vulnerable states. In being with many of my patients day in and day out sometimes for months in a row I was able to not just be the girl who helps me to the bathroom or get washed and dressed, but Megan that nice girl who asks me how I'm feeling and makes sure I have all I need even before I ask.

My job since then has changed and now am working for the Patient Transfer and Lift team of our hospital. We are responsible for keeping staff and patients safe during any patient movement like from bed to chairs or beds to stretchers etc. This job generally puts me in contact with the older and bigger part of our population. Me and my team have regular patients we see every month or so and help lift or stand them from their cars to their office visits to inpatient stays from time to time. We also see some just once in a lifetime but they get this look on their face when we tell them what we do and that we are there for them. Imagine having trouble moving because of age or inability due to your size or injury....then couple that with people staring and looking at you as if you were a freak or an invalid. Well...it is me who is there for them.....making eye contact with them and assuring them their privacy and safety while they are in my care. Those individuals give me a look I have yet to see elsewhere. The look of appreciation and gladness for the dignity I give back to them. AMAZING it is to let them and anyone else know that they matter to me and they are safe with me. We as a team also see a lot of trauma patients...some we see from the worst possible then a few weeks or months later they walk out of the hospital with a new lease on life. Others we have eased into death more comfortably because that is what should be done for all people.

I love my job and all that it is. I get back so much more than I ever give in it seems....and I am blessed to be given the opportunity to touch peoples life as I feel I have:-)

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Meg, It is a wonderful feeling to know that you have a significant impact on someone's life in the medical field. It makes you more humble that you have this great opportunity. I'm a physical therapist and it is a blessing to be able to speak into someone' s life when they can be at their lowest. May God bless you.<br />

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That just SUCKS!!!<br />
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Anhoo, the rest of ya are probably better now, so I am too... :)P*<br />
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M.... Great story.... One can relate to this if they've ever taken care of a older relative.... The look you get from their appreciation of privacy and respect is a gift...<br />
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I am sorry MJ, that some ******** had to comment in such a condescending tone. You have a great job and should be more than proud of your accomplishments. :) You can be my nurse anytime... :P

Thanks 2shortlifeis:-) I appreciate what you are saying! Honestly so would I....I have all too often seen nurses who don't care and hate what they do and patients comfort suffers which isnt fair for them at all.

I have an impact on people that is not making big headed it allows me to make a difference for my patients in a very bleek situation. I love that my job carries with it the help I can offer to those in need and am not bloated in my thinking of myself:-)

haha thats funny. I inpect soybeans. I am gods gift to the beans. haha