My Job

I love my job. Well... I love all of my jobs. I am a babysitter. The pay isn't that great, but the kids are wonderful and adorable. The one turns 6 tomorrow and we have been watching him since he was three months old. I am also a preschool volunteer and bus monitor. By bus monitor, I mean that I have to get the preschoolers on the bus, buckled in their seats, and safely into the school. I also have to sit with them, and help with them in emergencies. And, I also have to get them safely home on the bus. I also work as a writer... no money making yet... And I give massages at school... so far its fifty cents a massage.. =] lol... Hey, it gets me through lunch!! And its not bad for the reputation (HA!)... =]
PoeticRejection PoeticRejection
26-30, F
Jul 30, 2007