My Job Is Not Like Work At All to Me

I am an acupuncturist and herbalist. Before I did this,  I was a community college professor. In both cases, the focus was helping others. There is nothing better than work in which you serve and help others. It is endlessly rewarding.

As an acupuncturist, each and every patient presents with different problems, a different health history, different symptoms. I have to listen very carefully and try to decipher the root of their problems. For instance, if 5 people came in for headaches, they would most likely be treated in 5 different ways. It is like a puzzle and definately intellectually stimulating.

Then, I get the chance to put my training into practice and give a treatment. I've been doing this since 1999, but still, every day is interesting.

People usually only come to acupuncture after having exhausted their other options. Most people are not into getting stuck with needles, unless they've experienced it before. Most come with complex, difficult problems.

When they improve, it is incredibly rewarding. There is nothing better than helping people. It is not like work. I put in long hours, but I choose to do so, and it is not difficult, because I enjoy it.

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18 Responses Aug 10, 2007

Wow man, good for you! Loving your job is even better than being rich.

Doing I job that you love is never work......long hours mean nothing but enjoyment if you feel fullfilled....congratulations and continue the good work

Everbody should be happy and feel rewarded in their jobs. Too bad that soooo many are not, inclueding myself. Congratilations to you and here's hope to everybody else.

Hi Writes--<br />
Thanks for the kind words. I have written about acupuncture a bit on my website explaining my practice and offerings at: and have written a few small articles about it online at places like Sustain Lane. I hope those answer your questions about acupuncture.<br />
Though I have done it 6 days a week for 10 years I am continually amazed and gratified to be involved in it. It is something that I can continue to learn for my whole life and hopefully my skills will continue to improve as I learn so I can help people in more and more profound ways.<br />
I wish everyone had the opportunity to be so fulfilled by the work they do.

Wow, this post has attracted quite a few to comment.<br />
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I'm so happy that you like your job and that you don't even consider it work, in the usual sense of the word. To be so good at it, that it comes easily, is also a blessing because it gives you confidence.<br />
<br />
Accupuncture sounds interesting. Have you writen (and if not, will you write) a blog that explains the benefits of it and how it works? I know I'd want to read it instead of going to the boring wikipedia. :)

Thank you for being who you are.

I love my job too, it's a techie job, not really service.<br />
I did acupuncture for HORRIBLE migraines years was the only relief I got....except that after a day of relief the pain would hit hard towards the end of the day...almost twice as bad, so I had to stop. But i know it works.<br />
Turns out it was gluten that caused the migraines....but the acupuncture really did work.

was it confusious that said?<br />
<br />
"if you have a passion for what you do, you will never work another day in your life"<br />
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i so love being a florist...if i could reincarnate as a bee..i would be very content :)

Hey Mike,<br />
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Wise words my friend ;) If you are on a path of helping people and living life fuller the key might well be to start today and not see your role, whatever it may be, as pointless or of no concern to people. He are all linked in, parts of the process. One person here, another there, but we all make a difference and can make a difference to our own lives and others. :)

HI JumboMOnkey and ChancesBreath--<br />
Thanks for your comments. I hope you both find jobs that you find rewarding and stimulating. <br />
I have found that helping people makes it much easier to gain satisfaction from one's work......but to also play devil's advocate, most any work performed helps someone in one way or another. <br />
Having worked since I was 15, I am just starting to see that it is not the particular job that makes the big difference, but your own state of mind in pursuing and performing WHICHEVER job. If you can listen clearly and be true to your real self---you will find the job right for you and it will be a 'life path' rather than a job. <br />
Most people also have many in-between or in-progress jobs, but so long as you are exploring and moving towards your end-goal you are still on the path. The trick is not giving up and stopping your search before reaching your desired goal. Wishing you an rewarding journey,<br />
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Great story. Personally, I drink a lot of herbal teas, which I now have daily in work as a substitute for the usual caffeine injection! <br />
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To be honest I am in pursuit now of a similar thing, an interesting an rewarding career and after much thinking on that I have come to the conclusion that what I would really find rewarding is helping people. It makes a change from the more common 'helping myself' attitude of modern society. <br />
<br />
I may be young in years but at this stage in my life that the best thing you can do is to make a connection with people, reach out, and help people. Make people feel better and be happier in your own little world.<br />
<br />
Working in tech support as I am NOT my idea to achieve this :D It is helping in a way and requires problem solving in the same way too ...but, I am considering psychology, I just don't know if that's the best way to achieve this goal yet :-S

Great story! I hope I'm just as satisfied with my job someday. ^_^

I am not here to convince anyone of anything. It is best to experience something first-hand if you are curious. Waht I can say is that it seems unlikely that acupuncture would be around for 3000+ years if it were not effective. If you go on any search engine and type in "acupuncture and research" you will come up with results from scientific studies and many news articles about them showing its effectiveness. Recent articles that come to mind have proven its effectiveness in headaches, backpain, infertility--just to list a few.

and what subject were you a community college professor in?

does it really work or is it more wishful thinking ?

HI There--<br />
The general course of study is around 3-4 years. You need an undergraduate degree and some science prereq. courses first or upon entry into the programs. After graduating you must pass a licensure exam and each state has different licensure requirements. I have no idea what it costs these days, I have been out of school for a decade. <br />
My alma mater is the oldest school in the country--New England School of Acupuncture. I would highly recommend it and you can check their website re:tuition, etc. It is a great career.

EllaMezza--<br />
As a huge fan of coffee and cafes I am sure your place must be an oasis. The very fact that you love it and what you do surely makes for a great atmosphere. I live in a medium sized city and met my wife in a cafe where we both hung out reading and studying. Cafes are some of our favorite haunts. With 'cafe-culture' such a big part of many American's daily relaxation, a small cafe with an owner who cares may be the only source of relaxation and 'me-time' that some of your customers have. <br />
Also a wonderful contribution to society!

I drink alot of herb teas, and when my husband was diagnosed with small cell carsinoma,a fast spreading cancer, we were given days to weeks,I went to the our alternative medicine shop here in town stocked up on some great natural aids and we had 9 and a half wonderful,productive months together, even the Dr. was amazed. So I can see where you would love your job, helping others relieve their ailments has to be rewarding.