A Good Crop

No, I'm not a farmer.  I'm a school bus driver.  Been one for longer then I care to admit.  But, man, I'm in trouble this year.   Cause I know me.  I'm going to miss this batch of kids something awful come June.  One little guy in particular.  He's the happy tinkerer.  Every day,  the child is absorbed in a new project.  He lumbers onto the bus, hauling pieces of scrap wood, disassembled computer printers, huge electronic catalogs, in his back pack.  He's a stream of consciousness chatterer, every consideration that enters his mind immediately comes out of his mouth.  A wonderful magic child.  Yesterday, I overheard him refer to me as "my annie".  He was pointing out to his friend the features of the different models of megaphones in his cataloge (megaphones! LOL!) because he thinks I need one to amplify my voice when I yell at the kids to sit down.  You see what I mean?  Oh yeah.  I'm in trouble come June for sure.

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Double Decker! I'd need five aides! (Shhh! Don't tell anyone, but its not really even a full sizer! Its one of those half buses. I'm a bus driven wimp!)

Oh yeah, I have to cultivate that personna sometimes too. You can't get too warm and fuzzy, Lauren. They need to fear you a little, otherwise, they'll be, willy nilly, sticking their heads out of the windows, or bashing each other upside their little heads whenever the spirit moves them! LOL!

A very Happy New Year to you too!<br />
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Kass, this year, one of my runs has kindergarten and pre-school children. Talk about cuteness overload! My daughter comes with me, they need an aide, she's in grad school now, her classes all in the evenings so she has the time to help me for this one morning run. Her field is early childhood education so its right up her alley anyway. There's a couple of autisitc kids, she's absolutely wonderful with them, the way she can engage and draw them out of themselves. I'm very proud of her.

Hi Lila ~ the story about the kid's really adorable! I wished I had those funny real moments that you capture during the job.<br />
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Happy new year!

Sorry to disappoint you Whacko my friend... MissYoo has it more on spot... <BR>You must be mistaking me for my online persona - PUNKY DREWSTER

Annie and her Magic Bus .. sounds like a wonderful childrens story to me ..

::is that a spit ball in the back of my hair::<br />
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Yes, but keep it in your mouth, first time I pat my hair and find a wad, I blame you, sonny boy! <br />
Now, go about your business as a knight in shining armour! No bus rides for you, your stead awaits. Gidyap back to your blog.

Get on board, Missy! "Road trip!"

Drew, he asked me if he could bring in a "tank" he's building so he can run it up and down the aisle of the bus! He was cool with it when I said no. LOL!!

Hey, I can be the bus driver from hell too! Depends on what I need to do. No bullies on my bus, I can promise you that!!!! <br />
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Somehow, I don't think you'd be a problem, Whacko. I see you getting on the bus, a mini gentlemen, tipping your top hat to me, wearing a tuxedo with your striped tail peeking out from the back!

What an endearing story LilA - I have one of those 'stream of consciousness chatterers' as you say. I'm so glad there are people like you out there in every day life who can apprecciate his kind of rare breed... <br />
~ just like you !!! ~<br />
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Nah. I get a new batch ever year. I work for a private company and they give me runs that transport share/time outside district program kids. I have a short little grief process I go through every June because I'm a sentimental fool and I know it so its alright.

Won't he be on your route in the fall?