Romancing the Job

I think everyone who loves their job has to have a certain almost romantic flair for what they do.  Some jobs just sell themselves as fun, but when you have certain jobs most people would say were boring you really have to love what you do.  For example, I'm an engineer for an oil company.  When I describe my job I tell them I do computer simulation of of oil in the ground and determine the best way to get it to the surface.  Most people kinda have this, "Uck, how boring" expression when I tell them that, but to me its incredible what I do.  I travel the world looking for the substance that makes our modern life possible, and take tiny clues about what might be down there, put them together, and paint a picture of something two miles below the surface of the Earth, without ever having seen it.  To me there is this passion for it, and think anyone who really loves there job has a spectacular passion for it.
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I know exactly what you mean.
My passion is trauma therapy. It might sound gruesome, the idea of listening to people relate ghastly things that have happened to them, but this is often the first time they have felt truly able to say whatever they want and feel totally unjudged. I know that there are people that do this and suffer because of what they hear but I use a method that resolves the trauma in a comprehensive way. So at the end of a session which could take a couple of hours can be amazing to see where the client can become ecstatic to feel they have unloaded for good something they have often carried around for years.

When you drill for oil based on your skill and calculations and oil comes up you will feel exhilaration and a validation of your skills. When you see people's post traumatic stress dissipate before you it is an amazing thing, especially if that person had all but given up after years of trying different methods.

[Ralph Graham is in private practice in Sydney, Australia addressing, grief, loss, phobias, panic attack and PTSD using evidence based practice including TIR (Traumatic Incident Reduction) ]

If one loves their job, it's like being a millionaire in my opinion. Even if you only make just enough to get by, it is worth it. Some people have gobs of money in the bank but are very unhappy. I noticed your age says 18-21. That is very young for such a professional job. You must have started learning your skills in High School.

That's awesome. Do what you love, love what you do. Your job will never be boring or mundane to you. It isn't what you do but how you do it. I love to see a person with direction. So many people just sit around, bored. A bored person is a boring person.

Well its hard for people to find jobs that they enjoy doing, its a good thing you did cause thats rare.. we humans want everything we dont have then once obtained we loss intrest fast unless its somthing that is highly mindblowing..

I also love my job. Yeah, the secret to success, i think! I am a teacher and can really have fun at work. i am allowed to let my personality come through. it's great!

I hear you Kajal, I'm a photographer/visual artist and if I won the lottery tomorrow I would quit my telemarketing job in a heartbeat. Some of my work is in my gallery here on ep. I used to teach photography and the first thing I would tell my students was to always have a back up plan or a day job since money in the arts is few and far between.

I'd agree, I'm a waiter and I've got to say it's physically exhausting. But because the people i work with i love it. Plus you get some really odd customers :)

I run a community residence for mentally ill adults with a private, not for profit. I adore my job and it gives me a reason to get up in the morning. I make very little money, and made more in a business environment, but I look forward to the challenges and rewards of each day. I've had former clients call and tell me how successful they are, and am so proud to see how hard they have worked to overcome mental illness and succeed. Life is GREAT!

I don't make a lot of money. Rent and taxes take up 65+% of my salary and there's not much left over afterwards. But I don't want to quit, because even though it's a small company I work for, I've gone through a lot for it and really like what I'm doing now. Probably the most telling part of it, besides that I get really absorbed in figuring out how to find more business for our water conservation audits, is that I REALLY want to get REALLY good at it. I "have" to travel for my job, but that costs the company money and I want to be able to bring in the contracts to help pay for that and to move the company forward. Knowing I'm helping the company, while doing something challenging and exciting, is key for me. I assume the money will follow. ;-)

i think you really make alot of money and making money is key to enjoying your job. take the same job pay you $10 an hour and i dont think you would be writing this blog but i still think your job is cool and money that spits up from the world is always exciting

It is tough right now, however there are ways to make some changes...even now. Start you own business. If you don't know what to do or how to do it, go to They know what’s hot, and relatively easy to start. They will walk you thru the whole process.

This is exactly how I feel when I describe my grad program to others. I'm working on an M.A. in English and certifications in adolescent education....and I can go on and on about my classes and the material we cover. I can't wait to get into the classroom and lead class. People usually think I'm nuts when I tell them I'll be working with teenagers lol.

I have to agree with you on that statement of having passion for your job.....I do have passion for my job, but corporate america makes it very very frustrating. I try to work within the confines of the rules without breaking them, (for fear of loosing my job if I do), and I do a very good job at it. Imagine what I could do if my hands were not tied. It's also frustrating that others can brake the rules and do half as well as i do, but it's all good for them. In my job it is not what you know, it is who you know. Corporate america at it's best. Who can wheal and deal the best. I shock people who meet me for the first time because of the passion I have for my job, they almost sympathize with me when they realize that my hands are tied. Sad that we have to deal with issues like that just to do your job. I prefer the passion. And I respect anybody who has passion for their job even if I do not understand it. Good for you.

Wow, that is amazing... I hope to very soon share in the joy of having a job I love! I am just waiting to hear back. Keep your fingers crossed...

It would be a perfect world if everyone could end up working, doing something they love. However, for many, that is not the case. People die having lived their entire life doing a job that is meaningless, or tiring, degrading, name it...The point is, they do it because they have to pay the bills so I am proud of these people, myself included, for I am still not doing what I want to be doing.<br />
<br />
That said, I sincerely hope for your own sake, that you truly understand how blessed you are if you find yourself in a position where you get paid to do what you love. You are one of few who gets to live their dream. Don't feel guilty, grasp the beauty of it and thank God for every day He gives you. :)

To Kajal: I am in a very similar situation. But sometimes, I think it's ok the way it is: following your passion part time and keeping your "day job" as it were, full time, can also be rewarding. You can have the financial stability of your current job plus the freedom / passion of the creative part time work. My fear is that the negatives of my work are making me seek out my so-called passions more and more since I am comparing them favourably with my current work - but that doesn’t mean that in the end it's the best fit ... (I know, I know, time to get a new job!).<br />
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It's also quite possible that left to do just the creative side of things, you might find you miss what you've become accustomed to in your current job, that right now you may not even be aware you enjoy since the negatives seem to outweigh it ... it's almost like having an fling, you don't want to ruin a serious relationship over what may or may not be what you want to do forever more ...<br />
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I don't know, it's an eternal battle figuring it all out :)

I do agree what your saying, but I also have this 'split personality' when it comes to stuff like this. My job is actually pretty fascinating - I make life saving drugs for diseases that would otherwise be fatal. I'm also an engineer, but for the biotech industry. Now..I USED to really enjoy and love what I do...and then I realized after a while it wasn't fitting my personality - b/c I love the arts (always have wanted to be a photographer). I still work in the same field, but I switched to another job that let me be a little more creative - (but..I'm still an engineer..). probably think, wow...merging the best of both worlds! And..yes, in a way..that is exactly what I did.<br />
But..the photography bug started to bite me....and boy am I hooked.<br />
I don't 'define' myself as an Engineer, b/c that is what I do at work - its draining, challenging, but doesn't really touch my soul.<br />
Photography on the other also challenging, but really touches the core of my soul.<br />
<br /> doens't pay the bills :( (I'm still very new to it...still learning!).<br />
<br />
So.....sadly...although I do like my job, and what I do for a living...I don't love it.<br />
I love photography...but I need to get waaayy better at it if I want to make it into a my career, and still have the same lifestyle I have now.<br />
<br />
I guess I don't LOVE my job, partly due to 'corporate america'.<br />
U can't help it...workin for a big corporation means dealing w/ the politics, drama, etc, etc.....<br />
<br />
sigh.<br />
<br />
If I won the lotto and didn't have to worry about bills, I'd be doing photography full-time, no doubt :-)

That sounds great :) I agree with you, one must love their job... or else, it would be pretty miserable having to wake every morning and spend most of your day doing something you don't love.

Your job sounds interesting to me! But then I am studying engineering, so I suppose similar minds. How things are put together fascinates me too :-)

I guess the whole point is that you have to think you're job is interesting...

That sounds so very cool! I love my job as well but it isn't as exciting as yours. :)