Today is the day that I'll be crucified by my client. She ordered vinyl sidings which we imported from Canada. We have installed half of the house and was waiting for the other half because the color she chose wasn't enough but shipment was delayed due to port strike. It's expected to arrive March but was delayed for 2 months. She's so angry of the delay because she can't transfer to her new house given the time frame. Yesterday the container arrived. I was so happy because finally I can deliver her requirements. I was at the warehouse during the unloading but to my surprise the color she ordered wasn't loaded. I was very disappointed and so upset because our supplier didn't inform us ahead of time. To think that the color is in the bill of lading. Another problem to face head on today.....but still I love my job. This is part of life. Whewww!! Let me take a pause and dance .. "Smiles"
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What a wonderful attitude you have! Rarely do things go according to plans. The world would be terribly boring if that was the case. You embrace all if it in everyday things. Thanks for reminding me enjoy the day even when things don't go as I hoped!

Sounds like Mr Murphy got involved with that order. 😩

That's the problem with being a middle-man.