I Got Lucky With An Entry Level Job

Honestly, it's a normal 9 to 5, nothing special. But I cannot say I truly dislike any of my coworkers. Most are very good friends, extremely supportive - people you can turn and blab to when I random thought pops into your head. The pay is pretty good. The benefits are great (I started a 401K at age 22!). It shifts between busy and laid back. I get to use my people skills on the phone alot, but I also have time to recover and quiet my brain between phone calls and meetings.

...Honestly I'm kind of afraid to leave this job for my next career path. But honestly, this really doesn't pay enough for me to live on, and there's not really much upward mobility. It really was just a job-out-of-college that turned into a 3 1/2 year adventure. Man, i've been lucky.

AllSeeingMeli AllSeeingMeli
26-30, F
Jan 11, 2010