I Love Them Too...

 But I can't join the group because I don't have any.

I do love jubblys... and I would be much more fond of slow dancing if God had placed them on women's backs....

chris914 chris914
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20 Responses Mar 11, 2009

Yes it is a really good word.... ;-)

lol Myo...

Real spectacular, chris.

Or you can always substitute jugglys!

I will go with jubbly's....

Judges? A ruling, please?

Ah man... you don't need me to verify? Darnit....<br />
<br />
Are they real AND spectacular?

OK, is it jubblies or jubblys? I want to spell it correctly when I write my congressman.

chris, they are verified jubblys. Verifiably nice ones, too.

Ha! Those are good too....

Now you know.....

Myo... you didn't answer the question... hehe

Well, awwwright! Mubblies and jubblies are just lubbly!

Sounds like a fitting name Nyx....

Haha! Mubblies! That sounds so much better than moobs.

You think? Do you need me to verify??? hehe

Are man ones called mubblies?

I didn't know what jubblys were. I think I have a couple of my own.


Oh... pegs again.... Remember my question earlier????