How Much Is Enough

I dearly love my kids but how much is enough.I always wanted a family cause i was an orphan.I guess because of that I have let the boys take advantage of me in certain ways.I have 3 boys that still live with me and thats not 2bad.It is the fact that they r up all night everynight.This has been going on since they were teenagers.Lights.television,airconditioners or heaters depending on the season.My electricity bill is nearing $12,000,This has built up over the last 10yrs.I am on a program called staying connected and have been paying $50weekly 2wards this debt.Trouble is the debt never comes down it just keeps getting higher.I have continuasly asked the kids 4 power money they say yes and then totally avoid the subject til the next bill comes in.Losing my job last yr didnt help so finances r stretched.Now I have been told by staying connected that they will not accept any payment less than $145 a week cause they want the bill 2come down.I dont blame them they r a company supplying a need.I just dont know what 2do.I only get $400 a fortnight from the govt and about $300 a month delivering the local paper every week.The kids pay $50 a week board.Out of that I have 2pay $250 wkly rent,phone,food,foxtel,petrol,power etc.I have no idea how I am going 2 make these payments yet I need power so I have 2 figure something out.I am at my wits end.My eyes r swollen from crying and I am coming 2the conclusion I cant afford 2live.I do not want 2lose my kids but I am desperate now.What am I going 2do?Just as my life was starting 2feel better now this has happened

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4 Responses Jan 29, 2010

I still live at home for health reasons. I give money to my parents every month. I also can't work. I do the cooking and cleaning. Also take care of the animals that we have. I also help bring in some of the food. Its worse at my grandpas house. For when i am there. I also help take care of him. Your sons need to get a life. I know its hard. But they will come around. I wish that i could move out. Put timers on their light swiches. That is one way to controle the amount of power that they use. My dad did that with my sister. Never with me.

Trust in the Lord, that is what Jesus is there for. He has given you a great adventure when they were boys, and they will come back to you. My son lives a mile away, and he visits everyweek. Yhea, he eats my food, washes cloth and sleep between jobs, so I am not to alone.

I know I did it 2myself!I just wanted 2give them a chance 2 have a better start in life than I did.They r all I have in this world.They pay 50 a week not month and they pay their own phone and internet.They also supply their own food.It is just the electricity they give me grief ova.I do not want 2end up all alone in this world like I was when I was growing up and I am afraid if I raise hell they will all turn their backs on me.I have already lost 1 of my daughters and grandson.You are right though.I have 2do something its just not as easy as it should be.Thanks

You did not say how old the 3 boys are, but I gather old enough to give you $50 each month. Well lady, you are being taking advantage by them and you did it to yourself by providing everything. Emediately, shut down all non essentials, and do not give them anything without there name on it. that is the only way they learn to pay for it or do without. What is essentials, gas, electric, water, insurance, rent (or mortgage). Even the computer provider, phone, cloth are non essential. There are actually free PC providers, or at least $10 a month. Your kids will scream of course, that is what they are use too.