18 And Bitter Sweet.....

Well my son is turning 18 tomorrow, time flies way too fast. I love both my children so much...he is the last one at home and of course being a young man and 18 has so many things planned for his life. I am so proud of the things he has accomplished, dam it is hard to let go ..I have tried to prepare for this day just like I did when my daughter left home and got married. I cried for 2 weeks and I am very sure I will be in the same position when my son leaves. He will be moving to the city and working at Best Buy to start being he knows technology so well, he also plans on college to be a police officer but his passion is to become a detective. I am just so proud of the goals he has in life and I know he can do it. I pray over my children daily and I send him off with love and so many blessings. And also to let him know I am always here for him no matter what life throws his way. Happy 18th to my dear and loving son Jesse....I love you so much :)

Love Mom :)
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Can you hear & feel that, Your voice is so sad & there is dark shadow round this story!<br />
even you must be very happy as you're very proud of your Son :)<br />
<br />
COME ON sweeti, try to look into Jesses' eyes, your love in his heart & will life forever, even if his body going to fly for searching new nest, but your lovely feeling & smile will always be kept in his soul, <br />
i'm challenging you that Jesse will search his future lady which own your behaviour, smile, face & kind heart, he will meet the one that reflect your shiny & smiley face... : )<br />
<br />
We here in EP like you so much, even we life with you by words only, so how about your husband, son & daughter... They are lucky "i wish if i could met you before your husband", you're great person own the kindest & strong heart in the world ; )<br />
<br />
Love You So Much ... Sam (wink wink)

Sam what you just wrote was a breath of fresh air to me, I need good and true friends here that understand me, and yes it was sadness when I wrote that I love him so very much and I know he will do well for himself. Yes I hope he finds a good gal that treats him with love always. Ty again for your very kind heartfelt words....yes I would have loved to meet you too as I know your a very sweet honest kind and loving gentleman....HUGS :)

You're an awesome mother raising him so well. I hope he will call home often.

Ty and me too at this point he says you may not hear from me for awhile, I guess being a young man and 18 he just needs to figure things out...he did say he would call me tho :)

Aww sounds like you did an Amazing job raising him. Don't be sad, just wait until you get grandchildren. :)

Trying not too, and I can't wait to be a grandMOM, :) ty