My Babies Are My Life ...

they are sometimes the only thing to keep my sane ... even though they drive me the other way sometimes  lol .  anytime i get sad and feel like i need to go in the  psych unit ( which isnt very often ) i just think  no i cant do that to them ... Its not their  fault  dont put them through that again was really hard on Grace when i was gone for three months  i mean i still saw her two and  three times a week . but wheni had to go back to TAP  she would scream . When they would drop me off for groups after i got out of there  Grace would scream cause she thought i wasnt going to come back ... That used to breaj my heart ... So anything that happens from here on out im not going back anywhere .... I can tdo that to my baby .... Im  the only consistent thing in her life . Joshua is used to going back and forth . cause weve always divided time up and we would meet at tlc so josh thought we were just dropping him off even when i would go in there  he didnt think anything of it .okay i need to go !!!  i have to start cleaning .
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Best wishes be strong.

I completely understand. My girls are the only thing keeping me sane. I have left them for 2 weeks, I went to a beautiful place, right by the beach, view, food, great staff, awesome people, so rejuvinating. But my girls missed me so much, and I don't want to teach them that it's o.k. to check in to a hosp. every time things get difficult. But there such whole people any way, but still. I loved my retreat.