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I So Love Being A Daddy....

When they were little, my daughters would always come into my room and wake me in the morning, they did this for years, it started off when they were very young, with them roughly shaking me or jumping on me to wake me up, and it progressed to them sneaking into my room, and "gently" lifting my eyelids to see if I was awake, I would start to stir and then one would hide, and when I found the one hiding they would both join me on the bed, and we would talk, and hug, morning with them always seemed so special, I could hear them in their room, "whispering", wondering if daddy was awake, then I would hear them as they "quietly" came into to wake me up, and I would sometimes call them my little rays of sunshine when they woke me up, as the first things that I would see was their beautiful smiling faces.....
plaful plaful 51-55 Jul 30, 2012

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