My Daughters

I am a good daddy, and my memories tell me that, here are just some of them.

Running Around Out The Back, Trips To Playgrounds, Catching Her When She Fell From The Monkey Bars, Kicking Soccer Balls Down At The Oval, Learning How To Ride A Bike, Kicking The Footy, Picnics And Tea Parties, “Washing” Dolls Clothes In The Bath, Board Games, Dancing And Singing, Musical Chairs, Watching Doctor Who, Pass The Parcel, Painting And Drawing Doing Crafts, Pin The Tail On The Donkey, Table Tennis, Helping Mix The Cake Mixes, Helping With The Casseroles, All Those Games That Were Invented In The Back Yard, Cricket, T Ball, Tennis, Netball, Basketball, Trampoline, Three-Legged Races, Obstacle Races, Making Mud Cakes, Catching Insects, Fireworks, Thunder And Lightning, Building Cubbies, Riding Bikes, Skate Boards, Scooters, Starting The Car, The Discovery Centre, Washing The Car, Hanging The Washing Out, Easter Egg Hunts, Birthday Present Hunts, Christmas Tree Decorating, The Zoo, Swimming Pools, The Beaches, St Kilda, Museums, Imax, Cinema, Science Works, Horsey Ride, Watching Trains, Circuses, Aquarium, Tram Rides, Butterfly Kisses, Piers, Penguins, Swimming In The Sea, Sandcastles, Bedtime Stories, Cutting My Hair, Doing My Makeup, Seashells, Catchy, New Year’s Fair, Easter Fair, Sideshows, Show Bags, Chocolate, Chips Calamari Rings, School Sports, Teacher Interviews, Shows, Holidays, Pan Cake Parlour, Highpoint, Motels, Boost Juices, Pizzas, Chinese Food, Birthday Cakes, Souvenirs, Art Galleries, Bush Dances And Basket Teas, School Fairs, Face Painting, Melbourne, Geelong, Fairy Park, The Fun Factory, Birthday Parties, Roller Blades, Our Circus Acts, School Performances, School Talent Shows, Principles Awards, Sausage Sizzles, Feeding The Possums, Werribee Park, Safari Bus Ride, Apollo Bay, Twelve Apostles, Port Campbell, Warrnambool, Port Fairy, Hide And Seek, Christmas Carols, Christmas Eves, Christmas Mornings, Book Shops, Pocket Money, Spending Christmas And Birthday Money, Changing Nappies, Cooking, Singing In The Mall, Watched Planes, Feeding Camel, Hoppys Gardens, Wading pool, Teddy Bears, Richmond, Essendon, Dr Seuss, Kitty Cats, Flying Kites, Jelly Fish, Games On Beach, Walks In The Bush, Card Games, Building Science Things, Assembling Bookcases, Buying Clothes, Handmade cards, Giggles, Farts, Hugs, Smiles, Jokes, Funny Voices, Cuddles, Lifting Up, Carrying You, I Love You, Butterflies, Kisses, Silliness, Fun, Reading, Writing, Playing Guitars, Jumping Into My Arms, Tigers, Koalas, Being Cheeky, Tickles, Sleeping.

And these are not all of our memories, and I hope that there will be many new ones.

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1 Response Sep 7, 2012

They'll be yours once again, just have faith on it. If I'm not losing hope, neither should you ;) keep that flame burning so they can revive the spark.