My Kids...

To start, I have 3 children;
Samantha May 15 89,
Michaila Dec 24 94,
Joshua  Sept 11 01,

They all live with their mothers, no offence, I think that's sad that courts decide that children should live with the mothers right off the hop, just because a woman carries a child for 9-10 months, doesn't make them a better parent.

Another sad fact. Courts also only care about 3 things, the child has a roof, food, and isn't in danger

They don't however care, if the child is educated, cultured, cared for, enlightened... in fact, the courts don't even care that my son's babysitter, is not only his best friend, but a 16 yr old druggie, who apparently does drugs in front of him. (courts say I can't prove it..) Did I mention it was his cousin, and that he was also charged for breaking into my son's home not even a year prior, oh.. and he apparently lives there now.. HOW MESSED UP IS THAT?
I get to see him, once, every second week for 2 hours, under supervised access.. SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME!!!

I don't see Samantha, haven't seen her since she was 9, it's ok though, her mother and I talked when Samantha was around 3-4. Her mother was suppose to get married, and due to the fact that she lived 9 hours away in the states (I'm Canadian) she was going to get married, and thought it be best that he adopted her and I had nothing to do with her (as we would never really see one another)

Michaila.. she was suppose to come here today, but she's 12 now.. and likes to spend time with her friends, boyfriend.. or hang at the mall.. she doesn't want to hang with dad.. -( yes I said boyfriend, her mother approves apparently.

Regardless.. I love them all. When I do see them, I spend good old quality time with them, my son, last time we saw one another, we played battleship, it was hilarious... ever tried to play battleship with a 5 yr old? The other day when Michaila was here, we walked in the rain to the grocery store.. (she tells me she has $2 and wants to know if I want to walk to the store with her so she can buy some "things") I suggested we walk to the grocery store, things are a little cheaper there.. I bought us some cherries, chips, and eggs and bread "her fav kind" for breakfast. She went home with her $2. On our walk, as I said it was raining.. we took the long way. We walked down by a near by creek and walked through it.. a few times. I do love my kids... -)
31-35, M
Jul 14, 2007