They Are My Life

My kids are my life,they make me so proud everyday to be a mom. They are really good kids. If my kids ask me if they can try something,like my daughter she asked to try the clarinet i said yes she has been doing it for three years now. I would never say no because they need to find out who they are and their likes. I want to do everything i can so that my children know they are loved and to know i am always there for them.My kids are no where near being spoiled i remind them all the time to be grateful for what they have and to be grateful for their family because some people are not as lucky as them. I love them so much, i never thought i would love someone as much as i love them, i am a very lucky person to have them.
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31-35, F
1 Response Jul 17, 2007

As they are to have you.....