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Hi my name is tiffany and I was raped wen I was 7years old by my brother, my mother had 6 kids 4 boys and 2girls my father died wen I was 7 and that's wen it all started. I didn't knw at first what was going on and wen it happen I was speachless I rember trying to tell my other brothers wut had happen but it wouldn't come out. My brother was raping me for years I think my mother knew all a long but never said nothing I think she really didn't care my mother didn't like me but the strange thing about it is I loved my mother.I guess she didn't love me that much. I finially told one of my teacher at school and my brother went to jail, but that's where I messed up at every day my brother was in jail my mother beat me until I told the da I lied that's wen I knew my mother didn't love me do u know how I felt. Every one turned aganist me I feel like I'm in this world alone I hate him I really do he got away with rape.then on top of that my mother moved him back into the house I felt like killing myself mother didn't belive it until he rape my little sister and she killed herself, I really hate him, well that's my story.
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I dont mean to sound rude or insensitive. I actually understand because I was also raped by my mother and my family wasnt as suportive withe abuse either. Bu ths group is I love my kids!!! There is no love here!!! :-(

Hello....What can I say. I will start by saying that you should watch the movie Precious". It is a little different than what you are going through but it kidda relates too your situation. Every day is a new day.You don"t have to be a certain way because of what has happenend. Try to rember that God is Thanful for you. He gave His Son to reclaim your life.He invites you into the joy of salvation. I hope that things are going better for you if ever you want to chat please chat me I will be more than happy to talk with you...My heart goes out too you......Anto815

Your story is heart breaking. I wish you a lot of strength. You deserve it.