No More Pampers!!!!!

I am a mother of five,so pampers have become a part of the family you would
well, i was doing really good with my kiddos, on when its time to potty train.
boys toke a little longer though,Anyways my 4th child has had an issue of wetting the bed;
honestly every one was scared to sleep next to her cuzz, they knew they would wake all wet;
I felt bad setting her aside from her sisters,so i started sleeping on her bed with her.
now that brought a strain in my relation with hubby. so we came to an agreement we would buy night pull ups,
worst mistake,she came dependent on them,and started wearing them during the day.
so we had moved one step back.
So my youngest thatis two is potty trained and she was doing great,I was so happy,but it did not last for long.
she started to question on why big sis can wet the bed? I told her because she drinks to much water before bed.
so now i have my 5 yr old and two yr old crawling into bed cuzz of night terrors and youngest cuzz big sis left.
So me and hubby have to wake at 2am to bath and change sheets,yeap talking about stress. so we told our 5 yr old she has to sleep on her bed .
I have tried everything doc had told me to try,alarm,have her wash sheets,wake her,no drinks at night etc..honestly I am out of ideas.
my husband does not want to put her on meds cause doc said she will out grow this and meds is only when we go out or on a trip.
So know at night when she wants to sneak in my bed I send her right back,that really is a pull to my heart but I cant wake up every single night washing clothes four 4 ppl.
ON her bed i just wash her sheets.Anyways,now my youngest slept in my bed the other day,and we woke up wet,told her "Mama did u pee?",she says no it was dad(hubby at work)hmm,so dad pee'd she answer"yeap" next day she's asleep and me and hubby wake to a wet bed,again but this time both ask her Mama"did u pee" she says "nope" it was a mouse" WHAT!! "ya a mouse froom cartoon,he pee'd..what to do? now the one that did not wet bed has started too.I told her it was wrong and she answer with"my big sis wets the bed" so know I am stuck..with a 5yr old and my 3yrold...during the day they are fine, its just at night,once again I take to doc,says that its common for the youngest to do what the oldest do....Great.....

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her night terrors have gotten worse then before( besides the bed wetting),she'll act out a whole scene,to the point where she yells to stop" she doesnt want to die," or she gets up running,doesnt even have her eyes open,just night she swore a black shadow was chasing her and when she closed her eyes then opened again it was above her,that night even I got scared,but on the bed wetting doc says she has a small bladder and her muscle are still to weak,I have notice that no matter what I say she will wet the i guess i will give time to time

WHats scary is that my sister inlaw wet the bed till she was 15 and my hubby says he had that problem till 11,hmmmm, I guess i will keep washing...jeje

Wow! I have a 3 year old daughter who occassionally wets her bed - but her two cousins who are 5 always wet their bed - so it depends on a particular child. Dont worry they will outgrow.