Last Night

After I read my four year son his bed-time story, he said "Mommy, you are the best mommy in the whole wide world." I swear that kid continues to melt my heart. I told him that he was the best little boy in the whole wide world. He then said "I'm gonna marry you mommy" LOL. God I love him, even though he drives me nuts!
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4 Responses Jan 15, 2011

Aww thats cute. My daughter loves my husband(her dad) and she said that he wants to find a guy just like him. And shes 3

Yeah, they are pretty special. And they say something new each day. Never ending entertainment. I have always said that children are the best toys in the world. They never get boring. They are never the same two days in a row, you never get to the end of the game. Just the best. <br />
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My granddaughter asked me (a few years ago when she was 4) why I had two chins. I told her it was because I was old and fat. She asked me if she could have two chins when she gets old and fat. I said if she got old enough and fat enough she could have three if that was what she wanted. She smiled and kissed me and said "Thanks Nan, you're the best Nana I ever had". (I also happen to be the only one she has)

I remember my brother saying that he would marry his mommy. lol. Why wouldn't they? That is the best woman in the whole world.

I love that age. My son told me while driving once " I love you so much mommy that if you were a movie I would put you in the tv and watch you." lol great age. Thanks for posting - I needed the smile!!