This Is Why.

This is my why.
This is why I wake up in the morning,
this is why I breath,
this is why I put up with it all,
this is what helps me cope with the pain,
this is my only motivation in life,
this is the only reason I smile,
this is what I find when I go to bed,
this is what I am thankful for,
this is my life.
I am worth nothing with out them,
my life has a different purpose now, and they come first after God.
I need strength, I need change, I need control and with grace it will all fall into place.
oceansun oceansun
36-40, F
3 Responses Apr 24, 2012

I agree with you 100%, I have 3 boys; 10 months, 5 year & 8 year old. They are my life. I adore them. The one thing I enjoy the most in life is being s mother, just love all those hugs, those 'I love you Mommy, and all thise kisses as well. No doubt our children are a blessing...Keep enjoying those special moments, they grow so fast!

I have 2 daughters, it's what keeps me going. Older than yours but just as precious, and just as wonderful.

Your children are wonderful! These are the moments that strengthen and inspire one though the tough times. Nice picture.