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2 New People In My Family.

I have 3 children now and another on the way. Nathan and Travis are still the same as always but we have recently adopted my brothers son Jake who is 4 and 5 in September. He isn't liking the fact that he is not with his dad but if he is not with us he would of been put into care. I'm just happy that i know he is being loved and taken care of with us than he was with my brother. I'm hoping he will come around and understand the main reason he is with us. I love him to bits and hate to see him hurting this way but it is for his own good. I read him a bed time story tonight, haven't done that in years, i know he loved it.

Another addition to the family is my wife is pregnant again. I am hoping for a girl, no matter what it is he/she will be loved like the rest of the kids.

P.S Jake is with us because my brother is going to jail for child neglect and child abuse. I had no idea this was going on because if i did i would of kicked the sh** out of him (my brother). You never lay a finger on a child no matter what the case is.
officerJoe officerJoe 31-35, M May 10, 2012

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