Mother's Day For A Week

My daughter (almost five) was super excited for mother's day this year. So excited in fact, she declared it mother's week. Lol, I don't know if I should be happy or suspicious..... I kid, she's an awesome little girl, always so happy and nice. So anyways, she has been wanting to make breakfast, lunch and dinners for me. She gets frustrated that I insist I have to know stoves being hot and all. I do however let her put together the meals. I say, this girly is going to be a Foodie like myself, I'm so proud haha. For breakfast she wanted to make cheese omelettes with veggies galore in it. For lunch everything bagels with chive cream cheese, mushrooms, cracked black pepper and spinach piled on it, topped with a couple of pepperonis. I didn't know how it would come out but it was really good. She is always snooping around the kitchen when I'm cooking and I let her help sometimes. So my husband told me he was trying to make pancakes for mother's day breakfast and she was on the counter telling him he's doing it all wrong. "Daddy, put lemon juice in the milk to make buttermilk, since we're out." "Put honey and cimmonom (yes cimmonom, she likes that word better) in it" "Always double the amount of baking powered for fluffiness." He said she then proceeded to do the Despicable Me "It's so fluffy!!!" bit. Haha, I love it! As my husband was telling me this, we both realized something. No matter how crappy life is, we need to enjoy these little moments more. Also, we're raising some decent little monsters. Who knows, maybe Thing One will grow up to be a chef like I wanted to be. Years ago I used to say I didn't want kids. Now I really can't imagine life without them. Yes some days they are being little terrorist and you want go all FBI on their *****. You may give up on the house being clean for more than a couple of hours. And jeebus freaking christ, bob forbid you use the phone or bathroom in peace. They are cool little munchkins though. Friends may come and go but these "why" things will always be matter how fast you try to walk away from them.
fortysixandtwo fortysixandtwo
22-25, F
May 15, 2012