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My Twins

I have twins. They are 4. Both boys.
Twin one is my angel. I named him after an angel. He is a sweet boy, we adore each other. He loves his brother, his grandparents, his pet... He is a joy. He loves music. He has a vivid imagination and I easily go back 30 years and play with him just as I did as a child. He is such a blessing. He melts me...
Twin two is unique. He has asperger syndrome. He is just brilliant!!! It's amazing to watch him grow. Most people don't understand him but he doesn't mind really. He has the strongest personality I've ever seen in a child. He is a little alpha. He wins, he controls. I just want him to become a good leader someday.

Boys, I love you...
Maybe I am not a common mommy. But both of you are not common children either.
I remember the night you were born. I had a dream. I was terrified on the upper part of a huge rollercoaster. I started to panic. Then two men came and took me by my arms, one on each side. I felt such a warmth, such love...
My little men... You both were born to be my joy :-)
anonimacy anonimacy 36-40, F 1 Response Jul 6, 2012

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Aww...sweet!!!I have 3 boys, just adore them!!Keep enjoying your little men...