My Father In Law Past;(

THe baby thing changed and so has my life my father in law past and now everything has changed i considered a divorce now. MY husband has blamed me for coming taking his relatiiohp from his dad along with other things that should never been said that man was a great man an i thought fof him as a father. my father in law came by one day me and all the kids were there he came in stayed for a monent and when he got up he gave me a bag filled with coins i told him no keep them he collects them just as my dad did and he told me NO i want you to have them. He said dont say anything just take them and put them with the other ones you have of your dads so i did. Well when everyone went looking around in his stuff the coins were talked about and i said he give them to me instead of everyone looking for them.I gave them back. I had to take my sone to chemo and after coming back my husband an i had a talk a long one I thought that was going to be about our marriage but it was all about it dad. I said i should give the coins to his wife and so i called her and she was rude and said i should have told her she was going to give it to his boys and she hug up. Well i give them to my husband instead and told him i tried to give them to him before when they were asking and looking but he would not take them now and really dont want to be with my husband anymore he has said things and never been there in many ways for me with the kids and the baby i lost and now just because his dad went with me and times go and stay with my soni n the hospital while chemo. I dont understand other than i need to do something im going out of my mind!!!!! my youngest son toldme he is leaving as soon as he gets old engouht because of my husband what shoud i do:???????? i love my kiids and his
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to many times it is easyer to blame others then look and really see the truth

he wants to tell me he loves me and im his everything yet he has blamed me for taking his dad away from him i could and i told him my dad was gone and he was like a dad to me. i could have asked for a better one and now i have nothing to remind me of and he gave me the coins and why i dont know but my husband and his mother both wanted them.

you did what you felt was right over the coins
death brings many changes i know have been there afew times
i still to this day do not know if my wife heard the words that i loved her just as our plane was hit by a SAM
6 months later i woke up to learn she had been killed the next day as she walked to her office and our mother took her own life thinking her kids were dead
and the only 2 people had left were the grandparents for a few years and they died with in just a few months of each other and like many times there was a fight over what they had left me

so i told the rest of the amily where to places it and i have never seen them again

funny thing the one son yelling most would not have even had a home if we had not given him the money to pay for it and i or we were never paid back

the only thing out grandparenst left me were the two midget we use to race and there boat

the step father when he found out i was dead and my wife was killed and our mother took her life
uneder the law he got every thing we owned as thee was no will for the case and he was the husband
and sold it all in just a few days

the best thing about him is he was arrest and was killed doing time in a federial prison and he was killed VC stlye