One More Thing

Not a situation I want to relive again. One of my twin boys did not come straight home from school and after 3 hrs had to get the police involved. Thankfully he was at a friend he reconnected with but I must say it was very difficult to remain calm. All I have to say is can I just have a calm week ... please??
I was able to talk to him and he now understands what the impact he caused. He will be getting his own phone.
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1 Response Sep 25, 2012

I am glad the situation did not become something horrible and it turned out okay.I hop that when he gets his phone it does not become his excuse for not coming home when you want him home as in "well I called you and left a msg letting you know I will be staying out later".Not easy being a parent these days but it sounds like you do a great job.Thanks for sharing.