Abu El Banat

I was just looking at my daughter. She makes me feel like a father ought to: warm, with a glow, proud and protective, blessed, connected, feeling the love flow.  She is pale with rosy cheeks when she sleeps, utterly at peace. 
She’s been happier these last two weeks.  I’m thankful because when she’s mopey she’s a handful and I feel guilty, watching her cry nearly kills me.  How can I make it better? I hope I have the necessary skills and strategies to protect her.
When she was born I held her up to the constellations for their libations.  She is the pure stuff and substance of creation.
CrookedMan CrookedMan
1 Response Jan 13, 2013

In the days when we were caught up in the two a.m. joys of bonding with our daughter, a friend told us with a big smile and a soft look in his eyes, "the older she gets, the more you're going to love her." As he and his spouse were working through the challenges of the teen years with their onetime child, we thanked him gratefully for the advice. Enjoy the journey, and remember to keep loving her.