I have 4 wonderful children. I love them to pieces. I was scared after the first child to be able to love the second one as much but as soon as they but that little human being in my arms I felt true love washing over me. I believe you do not know what unconditional love is until you have children.

They are older now, I face new challenges with them but still love them to pieces. I try to teach them how to be a good person, how not to be judgmental (this is harder than I thought), how to have faith in themselves and a lot more.

My boys that are older open the door at the store for women but also to men who have their hands full. They say please and thank you. They show respect. What made me proud is when I herd from the Principal at their school that they do so everywhere. So it's not a "because Mom said so" it's beginning to be part of who they are :-)

It's not easy everyday. Sometimes the challenges I face get the better of me. I need to learn to be less overbearing and leave them room to grow, I'm working on that.

I'll leave you with this. Nothing is more precious than a chocolate kiss or a hug that leaves you full of grease, mud or other grime that you don't know where it came from :-)
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You should be proud of yourself as a mother. You have done a wonderful job!!!

I sure do my best :-)

My boys are in gentleman training as well. You have to start young!
Keep up the good work! :)

Thank you :-)
They are my joy. To see them looking after their little sisters when they think I'm not looking is priceless :-) Keep up the good work too ;-)

Lovely ...

Thank you :-)


hmm. square, square, square...square?

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Ah my computer is too old ;-)

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