What Can You Do????

My oldest boy who is now 12 found out last week how to dial 911 for emergencies.

Background - He is known as a HIGH FUNCTION AUTISTIC.  So guess what he had just did.

Dialed 911 and had a conversation with the dispatch operator.  So while I was talking to my wife who was telling me about this guess who shows up at the door, yep the police.

So I'm waiting for her to call back after she talks to them.

She had already told my boy that it is only for emergencies when someone is really hurt badly or if we need the police so hopefully he's got it in his head now.

But what can you do????  Can't get angry with him about it.  Can't punish him cause he did not do anything wrong.  Just got to laugh at it.


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2 Responses Mar 7, 2009

But what can you do????? Just laugh I guess and let them know that it isn't a toy.

Omg...this happened to me to ... My then husband was at the machine shed working and my then 5 year old his 11 year old brother were at the house...just 300 feet away from there dad.....I has received 3 calls while I was at the grocery story and told them last time if there's no blood...then don't call me! LOL....So the little guy gets pissed at his big brother..and calls 911 to tell them....Then hangs up...they call back and the oldest tells them everything is ok!....Thank god we lived in a small time! When I get home The oldest tells me about it so I call the sheriffs dept...they got a big laugh about it...Thank God!