I Will Take A Bullet For You

During the lunch break at a conference, we -- the half-dozen attendees -- decided to get to know eachother.  I was in the mid-age range for this small group.  Some had young kids like me, some were much older than me with grown kids and some had no kids yet.  We had a wonderful chance to share our family experiences.  

The topic of discipline came up and one gentleman warned us that the teenage years are tough.  His sons were rebellious and getting into the wrong crowd.   Often he had to get physical to prevent them from going out to dubious house parties.    

This man told his son that these nefarious friends were not friends.  Then he finished with the most profound truth:  " Would any of your friends step in front of you to save your life?  No, they would not.   I am your father and I will take a bullet for you. "  Many years later, after becoming a father himself, his son finally thanked him for pinning him to the ground and stopping him from going to that party.  

AnarChristian AnarChristian
36-40, M
Feb 9, 2010