R.i.p My Little Man Xoxo

he was born on 6/6/6, the devil cat we i used to call him even though he wasnt evil at all he got along with all the ter animals he didnt even care when a squirrle walked up to him he just chilled, he is and always will be very special he was my first true friend i know what you thinkin es a cat how can that be! well he was he always cam into my room to cuddle i love him so so much and im going to muss him with all my heart :'( he had alot if anxiety so wouldnt leave the house much and got nervous really easily but he was soo friendly and just loved to be there to love you.. he was more then just a cat.. he tought himself how to use the toilet! he was soo smart!... a couple months went by hes been getting sick and ive brought him to the vet so manytimes i finally got him healthy again and then yesterday i brought him to the vet because te past couple days hes been just not as normal so i didnt think anything of it i just decided to bring him just incase.. and im soo glad i did i mean im heartbroken...but te vet told me he only has 20 % of him kidney left.. an that he needs to be put down right away.. i instantly sarted crying i still am he has to go theres no other way they said he has about 3 weeks left to live.. im still in shock..if you seen him you would think hes healthy but the worst happends when you least expect it :( today i will be by his side as he leaves this world and goes to heaven xoxoox ill always love my little man he is still my little man xoxoo im just soo sad and cant stop crying :( i miss him
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Reading this made me so sad, he will always be with you in your heart. I feel the same way about my pets and it would be a nightmare to lose them. Sorry you going through this. I hope I can help <3

Awwww :( I'm so sorry! :( it's so hard to lose a pet. They're your best friends and they become your family too. It's like losing a brother or something. I'm here for you sweetie! :)