A Small Country

There is a small country 
With just a few people
And they are happy
They live in Peace.

They know the world
But don't ever travel
They experience everything
From the comfort of home.

Their weapons rust from age
In the golden fields of grain
Their spears clear the land
Their swords cut the corn.

Their hands know work
And rest on plain cloth
They dress in soft beauty
In snug little houses.

And peaceful they are
To loud boisterous neighbors
Admired by all
Smiles of joy greet the stranger.

Sometimes as I wander
My heart skips a beat
As I cross a stone bridge
Covered with moss.

I think I might see
Over on the horizon
A small country with few people
Waiting for me.
momolove1955 momolove1955
56-60, F
May 9, 2012