It's The Only Friend I Can See And Touch

I've had my laptop for two weeks now and and it fills a gap in my life , or at least helps to plug a hole . My old home PC was left behind when I moved away from the ex . Its hers now and I really hope she enjoys it . My life is beginning to look like a journey and I'm gonna travel light . Along for the ride is my shiny new window to the world that took the last of my savings and has been worth every penny so far . Me and my computer have become good friends and considering I have no flesh and blood friends , it's there for me  when I need it . What I once veiwed as a useless luxury has become an indespensible companion . On the day I start making human friends , I hope it doesn't get jealous .

Tanengreen Tanengreen
36-40, M
Mar 4, 2010