And The Reasons Why I Do.

A little note here, this is cross posted from another group but it sums up my introduction to shaving body hair fairly well so...

I guess i should know better than to offer such a vague statement as "engage in this exercise weekly". So I'd like to offer, perhaps, a more accurate description of my weekly regimen. I wouldn't consider myself "extra hairy", by any means, so areas like my back and ***, I will let slide for longer than, say, the legs. Now those i stay on top of for two reasons:.

1) I await Mistress Jasmine's permission to don stockings for the first time. So you know I want to be ready for that.

2) I ride a bicycle everywhere. And a few weeks ago, while waiting at a major intersection for the light to change, i heard "Nice shave!". When i looked to see who it was, i'll admit i was a little surprised to see that the comment was from a kind of burly , blue-collar type type.(a painter I believe). I've also caught folks on the bus checking my legs out. And well, i've found out that this kind of reaction thrills me.

As for "down there" specifically, i keep it up on a weekly basis. The only thing ever getting in the way of that being stints of chastity.
johnnybliss johnnybliss
41-45, M
Jul 18, 2010