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I Love My Leotards To Exercise In.

Did you know, that I'm a man and I love to wear my leotards to do aerobics and exercise in.  I love exercise.  Aerobics is fun, plus I lift weights in them.

I wear my leotards over my tights or without them.  I also love wearing my unitards.  I also wear legwarmers and/or slouch socks, or regular socks and sometimes my headbands. 

The feeling of spandex feels good and motivates me and makes me get a good workout.

I am not crossdressing.  I don't know why people call it that anyways.  I'm just wearing what makes me feel good.  I love my aerobics sneakers too.  

My favorite exercise tapes are Jane Fonda workouts and Jazzercise.

Bye 4 now.


aerobicizer aerobicizer 26-30, M 4 Responses Nov 7, 2009

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I am not good in aerobics, but I know that leotards are a very good wear for that kind of movement.
I have a couple of leotards I like to wear for all kinds of sports I am doing.
I wonder why not more people are wearing leotards.
They are much better than the wide and flattering t-shirts and shorts.

good for you hon. everyone should do what makes them feel good, as long as they're not hurting anyone.

Thank you for your kind words Paddytram.

Go for it! whatever makes you feel good will make you do good. I love them too