So my family and I ordered Chinese food and when it came in we saw we ended up getting 4 more chicken wings then originally ordered. I felt everything came out to be too expensive so I just thought that maybe she really thought I ordered it.

So we are eating and watching the news lalala... and about 45 mins later I saw I had 7 missed calls. I was not sure of the number so I just waited, about 3 calls later I felt the need to answer. It was the Chinese place asking for the wings back! I was just so confused I hung up. They ended up calling a few more times and when I picked up the just yelled "Coming to get the wings now!" and hung up.

I couldn't believe that they would actually go through all this trouble just to get wings they messed up on. To bad for them I opened the packet and already gave some to my little cousin. Who knew they would actually try to come get them?

At first I was not to concern from them actually coming, because its not like they can give them to someone else right? Welp I was wrong. The guy ended up coming and banging on our door like I stole his child. My grandfather opened the door throwing the packet with 3 chicken wings at the angry man.

I know they are not suppose to do that, mostly after so much time because that is extremely unsanitary, but they actually did it! I would understand if they left and came back right away, but it was nearly an hour, and 19 calls later... that's just gross.
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so what happened to the extras? did ya take them back or keep and eat them??? baby glp.

That's quite an absurd event...

sigh... I know... time to order from somewhere else >.<

Haha surely!