How : Lesbians Can Start A Family Too <3

My girlfriend and I have been together for 5years.Weve been through our share of ups and downs but still ended up together.We'd always talked about how great it would be to start a family but like most we wanted to do the responsible thing and wait until we had all your ducks in a row and were financially stable.Well the time finally came but we couldnt afford all the dr. expenses,so i began researching online how to do a at home insemination(do it yourself).I found instrustions and the tools you need in order to perform it.Now the next step was to find someone we knew that was willing to strictly donate,luckily a old friend of ours came around again and we brought up wanting to do it and we didnt even have to ask he offered and of coarse we wanted to know he was healthy and was "clean"and also wanted to know family history and etc.Luckily all came back well.So at that point i went to our local book store and bought a book called "making babies"i wanted all the info i could get to increase my chances,then took a trip to walmart bought a fertility kit to see if i was even fertile,and also an ovulation kit(couldnt have done it without em).As the days went on i found i was in fact fertile and was trackin my ovulation everyday.About a month went by and i still hadnt ovulated and i knew it would be any day now and the book i purchased said its best if you know your cycle so you can have sex or in my case inseminate the day before ovulation because it can take time for the ***** to reach the egg but anyway i hadnt ovulated so i was frusturated and told my girlfriend to call "***** donor"and tell him to bring me some know the house because i was sure it was gonna happen soon.Needless to say he brought it over in a cup which FYI ***** can survive once it hits air....***** can live until it dries and loses body temp so i had him keep in in between his legs during his ride to my house .He dropped it off,i propped my butt up under a pillow ,bought a oral syringe to insert the ***** with and that was it i layed with my legs in the air for 30mins,i was willing to try anything lol,they also say its better if u have an ****** before and after inserting(sorry for so much detail)Okay now.....the next day i tested my ovulation and would u believe it i was ovulating i also had him bring some more to me that day just to be safe.I took a pregnancy test 6days before my period was scheduled (id bought the early response one)well it came back neg. at that point i figured ok it didnt work and honestly didnt think it would because on average it takes a woman 6-12 months to concieve and thats with a woman sleeping with a man and constantly having her supply of ***** lol,all the odds were against me and all my friends at work said its impossible if that really worked than people wouldnt spend thousands of dollars going to the drs. to have them do it.Anywho....sry to keep drifting ,ok so i took the last test i had in the box and i thought when you take it that it would automatically have the 2 lines which made positive and again it only had one,the next morning for whatever reason i thought to check it again ,i pulled it out the trash and there was one clear line and a very faint 2nd line i freaked and showed my g.f so she read the maual that came in the box and it stated if u leave it longer than 10mins then it could give a false result :( but i was convinced soooooo we went to her moms and showed her and she suggested we go and buy clearblue peg test its the clearest you can get....pregnant or not pregnant....u cant screw that up haha well it came back pregnant !!!!!!! we took 4 altogether not being able to believe it .we automatically freaked in a terrified way because we never thought it would work the 1st time and with no drs.I really just wanted to put my story out there for other lesbian women wanting to have a family.You can do it yourself just as long as theres nothing medically wrong but you'll never know until you try and drs will tell you anything to get you money."Making babies"gave me helpful advise and im forever grateful,im 16wks pregnant and thankgod everyday for blessing me.I just wished when i was goin through it that there was someone to tell me that you can do it,that it does work,i searched everywhere to find out if women had done it and to see if it works and i found nothing......So my only wish is that i can help someone else.Thanks for taking the time to read this and i wish you the best in your efforts if this is something for you.

twiterpated12 twiterpated12
18-21, F
Jul 18, 2010