I Love Everyone That Make's My Life Worth Living

I feel, even through the the low points in my life that knock me down, the people that surround me give me the strength and the courage to get back up.
I'm so lucky, and so grateful to have a family, all the friends i need, and a boyfriend who i adore.

Even though i argue with my mum, disagree with my dad, and fight with my little sister, i cherish every moment i spend with them, because i know, one day they wont be there, and one day i wont be there for her.

And, even though there are some fake friends, finding out who are true mates and who are the fake ones makes it all the more special

and my boyfriend... oh god, how to describe him? He's a huge part in my life, and i love him more than breathing, and its a upsetting thought that he doesnt always know that. I would take a bullet for him, i would die a thousand painful deaths just to be with him. I dont care what anyone else says or thinks, were happy together, thats what counts right?

MissDayDream MissDayDream
13-15, F
Jul 22, 2010