My Amazing Valentine's Weekend!

So, I got to go visit my Army husband Valentine weekend.  I was, of course, excited about the trip... but it turned out to be even more fulfilling than I could have ever dreamed. 

I got into the truck at the airport, and noticed the roses in the middle of the seats.  I picked them up and happily smelled them.  He gets me flowers regularly, so while they were appreciated, they were no surprise.  Then I hear a song... "Heeeey, I'm a country man...", which is the song I have always told him represents him in my mind.  He asks me to look around the truck and see if I can figure out where that God awful annoying sound is coming from.  I look around and see my expensive Valentine's Day present... a brand new Sprint Instinct phone.  And I mean these phones cost a pretty penny.  He saved the whole time he was away in NTC to buy them.  I was stunned.  LOVE the phone, loved the gesture even more.

We get to his apartment and there's a rose hanging on the door.  Inside, a trail of roses leads to the elaborately made dinner table... fully prepared with candles, wine, roses, and the delicious soup he had made.  Roses covered literally the entire apartment... the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom.  He had really planned this out. 

The ENTIRE weekend he was absolutely 100% gentlemanly and sweet.  Not like the sickeningly disgusting sweet, but just geniunely affectionate and caring.  He realized that during his stint in NTC he had been a bit.... callous, to say the least.

We laughed, bonded, drank, celebrated, had TONS of AMAZING (and I mean truly AMAZING, adventurous, noble) sex, discussed issues, and lounged around.

I couldn't ask for a better man.  I couldn't live happily without him.

NaelovesherArmyhusband NaelovesherArmyhusband
26-30, F
Feb 16, 2009