The Shoe Salesman...

It started innocently enough...I was buying a pair of shoes. I had on a black mini dress that was way too "mini". I sat down and a cute guy came over to help me.  I told him what I wanted and when he came back with the shoes he sat in front of me on one of those "shoe stools" and held my foot between his legs to put the shoe on my foot.  As I tried on more and more shoes it was harder and harder to constantly keep my legs together and the next time he raised my leg, I spread my legs... I could see his eyes go directly to my sheer white panties. They were very sheer, so I'm sure he could see all of my shaved *****... His face began to get red and he started to act very nervous. I could feel myself becoming sexually aroused and my sheer panties were now starting to become "very" moist....When he got up, to go in the back room, I could see he had an erection....It seemed like he was gone a long time, he must have needed time to "calm down"... I was becoming uncomfortable because my panties were now soaking wet with lubrication.... I cut the sale short and left. As I walked away, I could feel my lubricant running down my leg.

  Later that night in bed, I played with myself, thinking of how kinky and exciting that was and how much I loved the feel of becoming aroused at having a stranger look up my dress!...I was hooked and wanted that feeling again!


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19 Responses May 12, 2008

Great story!
I worked part time at a sports store and was helping a college girl. We didn't help put the shoes on but stayed there until they were done. I'm not sure if she did it on purpose but she had short shorts on and with one foot up on the bench I could see her panties pulled tightly against her lips.
An fond memory I'll never forget.

great experience :P

You gave the guy beautiful memories for life. Really, you did.

next time do it without will push the excitement at the edge!!

I love great exhibitionist story! Please keep it coming.

sounds like you had a real rush, any further adventures with that sort of thing?

Great story SweetPanties!! Makes me very horny just thinking of it!!

It is good that a beautiful lady likes to be seen. I admire you.

I hope you have had the experience again since.

never wanted to sell shoes more in my life :)

Mmmm , ya got me hot just thinking about being the salesman , only l would not have left ...:) l would love to see a pic of ya in that hot mini dress and sheer panties , dawsonite2

Next time I hope you'll leave the panties in your purse. ;-0

Great story, it reminds me of a time I was at Victoria Station. An attractive woman executive in a smart suit was sitting on a low bench unaware that i could see right up her skirt. I had the most wonderful view of her black stocking tops and suspenders.... Drop me line if you want to enjoy some more similar adventures with a friend.

Years ago I sold women's shoes--one of the best jobs I ever had!

Great story . Makes me .........?.

Wonderful. Wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

I would liketo read the salesmans story. What he did in the evening afterwards. But I can guess.

my wife and i always have wanted to do this. she has picked out a shoe store at the mall where this young black guy works , wife has never been with a black guy before but has always been very turned on by the idea and she says he is so good looking and built so well and he could be the one. he always is wearing tight pants and seems to be very well hung which is attracting her to him even more,will let you know what happens!!!

SP , your a tease . I don't sell shoes ,but I'll try if you come by .