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My First Little Black Dress

I am a transgender woman who started hormone therapy the first of the year.
Now, for the first time in my life I'm able to wear a little black dress-of sorts.
Actually nothing on me is small but the softening of my skin and the ability to loose my body hair made for a wonderful first time experience. I don't wear any hose of any kind so I worked hard to make sure all my skin was presentable and my long hair on my back was heavenly. Something you genetic girls take for granted?
As luck would have it, I went to an upscale pub/restaurant where one of the bartenders has been following my story for a year or so. It was wonderful to have girl talk with her about my life and her new boyfriend.
Then another woman came in in her little black dress who absolutely dwarfed much so I wondered if she was genetic?
As luck would have it my stars came together for the first of what I hope are fun summer evenings!
cyrsti cyrsti 61-65, T 4 Responses Jun 20, 2012

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So happy you are enjoying who you are! You deserve that LBD all women do!

I'm a masculine man that would hurt anyone who referred to me as being feminine. No wimpy feminine name. Just a man who has a comfortable black dress. Since it is the 21st Century you don't have to be a man to wear pants nor do you have to be a woman to wear a skirt or a dress. Thankfully my wife is a genuine genetic female who wouldn't tolerate anything less than a real manly man. No sexual insecurity here!

Certainly a good point about sexual insecurity here...until you threatened to start hurting people.
Me thinks the person who protests too much and wants to revert into hurting people to justify themselves may be a LITTLE too insecure. If your "genuine genetic female" let's you wear your comfortable black dress...she probably knows you better than you do.

Be happy - enjoy life!<br />
Everyone should have a "little black dress" that makes them feel sexy............

great for you and Ms. Lyndsey has had similar experience but only she and I knew she was transgendered as our feelings and actions are you are either male or female..Sweetie sounds to me like you are total female..struck your stuff and enjoy

Thanks so much! Only another girl would truly appreciate this so completely!