I Love Him So Much.

He is the youngest in the family (although only a year younger than me) and always whines. When mum or dad say no he asks why and asks the question over and over again until they say yes. Ugh! It's usually mum. She caves into him all the time and it's ridiculous. He turned fourteen a few days ago but still acts like he's five. He is short for his age and sometimes I wonder if he tries to act his height. Not only that but he constantly bothers me, putting up the middle finger, calling me names like four-eyes, ugly, b**** and to **** off. The worst is when he says he hates me and he wants me dead. I know they are just empty threats but not when he says he hates me. He says it with such anger behind his voice it hurts, bad. I say I love him back, not to tease him but because I really do, despite everything he does and he just says he hates me and wants me to die. Because he is short, he gets bullied a lot in school. I want him to talk to me so that I can defend him, because last year girls in my class were bullying me and he said and I quote, "tell me their names and I'll beat them up for you." I want to be that to him, I want him to see that I'm there for him. No matter how many times he says he hates me, I'll always love him, even though he is so rude to me all the time, I'll keep on loving him to the edge of the world. And since the world is round, there is no end. I just hope he knows that.
B33z B33z
13-15, F
Dec 14, 2012