The Day My Life Changed Forever <3

In December 2009 my dad told my my stepmother was expecting a baby! This was the biggest shock of my life, i never expected to have any other siblings apart from my brother. At first I was angry and hurt that my dad hadn't included me or my brother in this or consult us about their decision to start their own family. But I held my head up and congratulated them both. The next day i recieve another phone call from my dad, telling me that he had FORGOTTEN to tell me she was expecting TWINS!
The thought of having two new siblings shocked me even more, I couldn't help but think that my brother and I would be pushed out of the family even more.
At the 20 week scan a month later, we found out that my twin siblings were going to be girls, at this point my whole attitude towards the situation changed, I was overjoyed as I had always wanted sisters!
Their original due date was the 6th of June 2010, however the doctors decided at this scan that the twins would be both two weeks early due to them being twins.
However on Tuesday the 16th March 2010 I recieved an unexpected phonecall from my dad telling me that my stepmum had fallen ill and had been rushed to hospital, as a result of this my baby sisters had to be born a whole THREE MONTHS early, only weighing 2lb 1oz and 1lb 13oz.. All i could do was cry, as none of us knew if either of them would survive the battle ahead of them! This really was the day my life changed forever, watching them battle through that was challenging for the whole family, however the day they got discharged from the Special Care Baby Unit was the happiest day of all of our lives. I am so proud of my little sisters, and how they have progressed , and still progressing, they really are our family's little miracles.
I love you Faith and Grace <3
Wajpuff Wajpuff
18-21, F
Sep 7, 2012