Im So Confused Right Now!

i got back from school today at 2:30 and my little sister Lucy was at the door waiting for me.
I went right past and to my room. I'm 15 years old so it's only natural that I **********, but once i dropped my pants and got a *****, Lucy slammed the door open. I freaked out and tried to pull my pants up but that only made the situation worse, cause instead of pulling them up and successfully hiding my d*ck from Lucy, I fell back and laid flat on the floor, with my rock hard d*ck standing straight up.
I tried to say "its all a misunderstanding" but the truth was that there was nothing she could've misunderstood. She started screaming and covering her eyes until I got up and covered her mouth. I told her not to scream. She just kept staring at my d*ck.
It's all a little hazy to me and I have no idea how this happened but somehow we went from Lucy staring at my d*ck
to Lucy on her knees sucking my d*ck. I'm not complaining, her mouth was really warm and wet and amazing! but she's my little sister! But for some reason the fact never found its way into my head. Lucy started getting wet (she's only 13 years old, she has no idea why her p*ssy gets wet)
she got on my bed and spread her legs.
(Heres where I get really confused with my feelings toward my little sister)
After I starrted licking her p*ssy I took her virginity and she took mine. Her p*ssy was so AMAZING!! it was so tight and wet and slippery, and warm. It didn't take long before both of us came. Lucy got dressed and left my room with a smile.
but i wasn't smiling.
I was thinking "what the **** did I just do?!"
So here I am asking you bro's for some advice.

what do you think?
please comment on what you think I should do.
on one hand it felt amazing I probably wouldn't feel that bad doing it again.
but on the other hand it's my little sister.
nitehunter69 nitehunter69
13-15, M
1 Response Dec 12, 2012

...well **** man, if you both want to, do it I guess, but uh, that's not something to fling around ok? Most people aren't open minded as I am, and it scares me sometimes, because there is no way in hell I would ever feel like that toward my sister, BUT don't get me wrong, I'm not saying its wrong, because honestly, people think its wrong because it doesn't happen often and it's in most peoples opinion, but don't let it go to your head, if you wanna be in a relationship with your sister, all the power to you, I'm not with or against you.