I must really love the little brat. I don't care if she IS going to be some cross country superstar. Did I really just run 3 miles in a thunderstorm with her??? Unbelievable! :)
snowangelashley snowangelashley
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3 Responses Aug 19, 2014

Because you're an awesome big sister.

It's great to see that you do these things as a big sister. Encourage her to pursue her dreams and before you'll know it. You'll be a great mentor for her. :)

That's the best time to run! Be faster than the lightning! Do you run with her often?

I loved it! You don't get all sweaty since you shower while you run! I normally don't run with her. She's too fast!

True that, and I bet the rain makes the run refreshing the entire time. It's awesome that you do that to bond with your sister. Does she also participate in 5k's to train?

She did a couple during the summer. But she can't once cross country practice starts.