We have two of them.  Total weight =10.6 pounds.  That is 10.6 pounds of LOVE!   I would always tell my friends, "I never loved a dog until I met my wife"  And as true of a statement that was,  I obviously had to re-phrase it.  Yep, not long after we were married she brought home the smallest, most beautiful dog I'd ever laid eyes on!   I got to be buddies with it immediately.  Now, like I said, we have two of them and I can't come home without having a big smile on my face when I walk in the house and have them greet me.  My best friends!

Ambivilent Ambivilent
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Do it Onesofte! They will make you happier than you already are! lol

Thats it! I've been threatening myself with getting a Yorkie for a few years! It is time!

Cal, You won't regret it, if you get the Yorkie. They will melt your heart with love.

Nice story. :) I feel the same about my pets, lots of love to give and receive. A few weeks ago, I saw a yorkshirer and I fell in love. I think it will be my next dog. Adorable. :)

That's a lovely story, Ambivilent :)<br />
<br />
It's inspired my to write about the family Yorkie!<br />
<br />

Oh, I just added it up ... I have over 200 lbs of dog love here! LOL

I know exactly what you mean. I would be lost without my 3 beasty dogs & 2 obnoxious cats! LOL They always make me happy. : )