My family used to have a Yorkshire Terrier, whom we named Bonji (to this day, I have no idea where the name came from!). He was such a character, and certainly the most accident prone animal we ever had! He got hit by a cricket ball when we went to a village match, he got hit by a golf ball that my brother had hit in practice (most seriously, he almost choked to death when he tried to eat a piece of meat on the end of a fish hook), and on one memorable occasion, brought a football down on his head that I had hoofed 100 feet in the air, in a manner that would make a Premiership player proud!

I used to love watching him make his basket, hehe. He would use his nose to press the blanket down, and would invariably lose his rag with it at some point lol! I also remember once when my dad came back from work. He didn't allow the dogs on the chairs or couch, but didn't notice Bonji on the chair in the corner. Bonji waited till he wasn't looking and tip-toed (or tip-pawed I suppose. It was similar to a cartoon dog, it's a shame there wasn't the sound effects to go with it, lol)) off the chair and behind the coach,and greeted my dad! When he got excited, he used to do this little sneeze:)

Lovely memories!


mizzen123 mizzen123
46-50, M
Feb 20, 2010