But I Am At War With It!

 It started Innocently enough. D was playing with my long dark hair when I felt him freeze.

"You have a grey hair" he announced. "Hang on, more than one".

That was it. I started scrabbling through my hair trying to find the offending greys and yank them out. I have ALOT of hair, so I figured I could pull a few out without any repercussions. Hmmmpffh.

I swear they have a mind of their own. First they grew randomly. Then they started growing ALONG MY PARTING, bold as you like. I changed my parting to the other side. So did the greys. 

All my friends offered advice: "Dont pull them out they grow back wiry/faster/etc etc ." Yeah yeah WHATEVER.

Last night I was combing through my locks determinedly yanking out the grey ones, and I swear I actually caught one in the act of turning grey in front of me.

But I will have the last laugh. I've always wanted to do it but the upkeep would have been horrendous. Now I have the perfect reason to.

I'm gonna go blonde. 




mamma570 mamma570
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4 Responses Feb 18, 2009

Thanks all.<br />
I was being flippant when I wrote this- because I dont mind getting older, but am a bit freaked about the greys.<br />
Go figure!<br />
PS. its only long and silky when I can be bothered washing and straightening it. Ahem.

silly you can color it. be happy its long and pretty mine won't grow past my shoulders every and its thin and lame. xoxoxo

LOL Release the blonde bombshell that has been hiding within!<br />
God speed in your battle against the greys! Long may you triumph!

i envy you........anyway like you said, you can always color it, heehee...id like to have long silky hair, mines just a little past my shoulders...seems it wont grow much more.