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I got a Mac. I bought it last Monday and have been pouring myself into it. You know... the getting to now you part. Hi, I'm Sylph. I'm a faerie. What have you got for me? And so far, I'm still tinkering with it. I could schedule a workshop and just make things easier for me. But where's the fun in that? I love the surprises Mac gives me. Totally user-friendly but at the same time, it wows me every now and then. I may be hooked... for life.

Should compliment my iPhone more, and iTunes.

No, I didn't get an iPhone 4 but the people last Monday... goodness! It's like shopping during the Christmas holidays! The Apple store was just packed and everyone going crazy with the iPhone 4 and iPad. More so with the phone. Ridiculous. And there I was, minding my choices on the MacBook Pro. I have it all to myself. *grins*

And as I get to know Mac, loving every aspect of him... yeah, it's male... *looks at gaping faces* I ask myself... does this make me an Apple geek?

Hell yeah.
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Haha... Windoze... *snores... high five with Mick*... too funny... though I've used Windows for years. My old Dell is still using it; so does Sylph Jr on his pc... I just find this new relationship with Mac is so worth it...

I run LINUX on my about fly compared to Windoze. I use VMWare

Yay yay yay... thank you, FormerlyKnownAs... I am loving my Mac every single day. It's a budding relationship with bright hopes in the future. LINUX is a great operating system. Some of my friends have it and they appreciate the power... plus the fact it is less infected with viruses. You can't go wrong with that.

If you gals don't want your SO's mucking about on your Macs, don't let them know how much more powerful AND intuitive Macs are for all the good stuff (photos, videos, music, internet). I do have a PC for word processing and scientific and technical programs, but I run LINUX. Windows can't do anything better than a Mac or LINUX. In fact, it can't do anything half as well; each iteration is less powerful, takes more hardware upgrades, and is more counter-intuitive. I started with a Mac II over 25 years ago, and they have only gotten better. Welcome to the club from a veteran Mac user.

*powders Des' blushing cheeks*...

*wondering why Des could be laughing*<br />
<br />

and every single stroke on the touch pad and fingers on the keyboard are just some ways Mac likes to be handled...

Des... Sylph Jr would know how to play with Mac; but he loves his own PC too much to part with it. Plus he asks permission all the time when he needs to use my old Dell. Not like Mr. Sylph, he just opens it and uses without telling me. Even if I'm just idle... he butts in to do whatever. Grrr...<br />
<br />
*whacks Dean* This is no Twilight... this is more intimate than that. Mac can do that to you... and if ever you get one... we'll name her Maci... probably like Macy not Maki... it sounds funny with the other one...

Oooohh... I want the skin, too... but I'm broke, Des... friggin' thing is expensive and cash only... man! And well, the other amenities would have to wait. <br />
<br />
But yes, I spoiled myself on this one. And it should belong to myself ONLY. I don't think Mr. Sylph would even attempt learning Mac. He has a hard time alone with windows on my Dell... hehe... he can keep that though. As soon as I'm done transferring files. <br />
<br />
Now I need to do lots of OTs. But Mac and me... just love the thought of it!