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I Always Hated Windows

So I'm a computer nerd....

And I'm old school... I hated windows right from the start... because it was a low powered OS that couldn't hold a candle to UNIX. Don't get me wrong... I make a lot of money fixing Windows Problems....rotfl.....

Slowly though I grew away from my beloved UNIX... and became more windows entrenched.... always downloading software to do what I was just able to do on Windows.

Then came LINUX... and its just like UNIX... well sort of... it needs so much frigging configuration... I have a family now and I'm not a full time nerd anymore... I.e. I have a life... but still I love LINUX so much more than Windows...

Then I drank the Apple Cool-Aide... oh and what glorious Cool Aide it is!!!! Macs Just work... and guess what... It's built on UNIX... damn sweet.... I'm still amazed that Apple was able to create such a simple and easy UI on such a complex OS. Steve Jobs... You are the KING!!!!!

And my Iphone integrates so well.... I love my mac.... I have all the power I need and IT JUST WORKS!!!! :)
CVizion CVizion 46-50, M 2 Responses Feb 6, 2011

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I've been a satisfied Mac user since 1989. At work, I have to endure the PC world, but when I get home, it's back to my dependable G5.

They do just work, you're right about that. I've actually known that since I was sat down at my first Mac in the late 80s. This is because of Apple's incessant drive for perfect UI. All the complexity was always kept "behind the screen" as it were. And they made it work seamlessly. I never had to see a c: again! Ironically I have been around computers my whole life as my father was an ultra-nerdy systems analyst since I was a young kid and computers took up whole rooms. I learned to hate the nuts and bolts of computers early :)