Once You Go Mac You Never Go Back!! :)

I have to admit, I was nervous to switch. My husband would get so excited every time he saw anything apple and he would talk non-stop about these computers. Sure I thought they were cute, but I was already in love with my other computer and I was nervous....but ....then the switch took place....and ...need I say more?? I am a die-hard mac-lover!!
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4 Responses Feb 9, 2008

I too love my Mac's. We have three. An Imac g5 mine. An imac that looks like a soccer ball my husbands and a Ibook laptop.<br />
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I would never go back to a PC. i can't even remember how to turn one on. My girlfriend who is a graphic designer tried to get us to purchase a mac for about 10 years and we finally gave in. I have never been sorry.<br />
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If you are considering purchasing a mac also purchase the applecare program. It is a 3 year warrantee and help package that you can call and ask the stupidest question and the specialists will walk you through any problem. Mine has run out and I am very sorry it has. The more advanced you become with the Mac the more advanced your questions will become and applecare has the answers. Don't purchase your Mac without this product.<br />
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Don't you just love the apple commercials with the PC's and the Vista program not working properly.<br />
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Happy Macing!!!!

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I absolutely love my MacBook!!! It is just the right size etc. My husband works on the MacBook Pro because like PeterPan says....if you need a lot of space, that is the best machine. I think the Macbook air looks neat, but I love my MacBook so much I don't want to trade it in yet for anything! :) Good luck with you purchase.

I'm a PC user thinking of getting a Macbook soon... any tips?

What can I say? Today I was at the apple store and I was drooling over the new skinny little macbook air!! Now that is a very seductive laptop! Anyone have one of those yet?