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Viral Question...

For those of you who actually added virus protection, clean up tools, etc.
Which virus software do you recommend that won't slow performance and be effective [yet non-aggravating]??
Some say Norton is just too "Bloated" and ties up the unit too often, slowing it...

Opinions? Experience?
gotsalsa gotsalsa 41-45, M 1 Response Mar 17, 2012

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Sophos is free and has lots of good recommendations. I use it and it doesn't bring my system to it's knees. Others like Norton and MacAfee are pretty much hated by anyone I know and they kludge up the system. I've fixed friend's ailing systems by removing those. Honestly you don't need anti-virus on a Mac since there aren't any Mac viruses just stuff that people have to be fooled into installing. I've never gotten any kind of malware on my Mac but Sophos has shown me a couple Windows infected files though.

Ah, i see. Thank you RG for the info you shared. I appreciate that! My Mac is pretty outstanding; more ram than i'll ever need, hexacore 3.3 i i don't know if anything would slow it down, per se, but i have been freezing up lately- needing restarts, so i know 'something' is going sideways...
Cheers and thanks again!

You're welcome. Anytime I've had an unstable Mac with freezes, panic screens, and such it has been hard drive corruption so I always like to have a hard core hard drive utility around to deal with that. My choice these days is Drive Genius 3. I've had it fix a few basket case drives that none of the other well known apps like TechTools Pro, Disk Warrior and such could fix. It's $99 but I think worth it to ensure that my drive is kept healthy. I can't remember the last freeze or panic I've had with any of my Macs it's been so rare.